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six to twelve motor sports


Driving and Safety Tips: #1

Change wipers at start of cold/winter season and again at start of heat season, if needed (generally at six month intervals).

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 motorcar Concierge

 Allowing you to save time avoiding taxis, shuttles and scheduling matters , we offer the Motorcar Concierge Service.

 Leaving on a business trip, vacation or have a full work schedule?

Does your vehicle need servicing, a scheduled service, oil change, inspection, or just to keep the engine fresh and vehicle clean ? 


 Mechanical maintenance, or any special requests for your motor cars, we are at your service.

Please Call/Text 1 212-874-9400, or click below on CONCIERGE DETAILS.


On the road, worksite, office or just about anywhere?

Need help, assistance, item or accessory needs; a  Roadmate can be on route to you before you know it.

auto market

Do you own a motor car that has a special attribute and are thinking of selling?

Are you looking for a Vintage, Classic, Muscle Car, automobiles that attract your fancy, or looking to find the one that got away ?

Whether you're looking to buy your dream car or would just like to sell, place a request and we'll go to work for you.

auto & SAFETY accessories

Check out our enhanced auto parts and safety accessories.

Nothing flashy. Just useful, relevant and aesthetically pleasing.

At Six to Twelve Motorsports, it is our passion to cater to your distinct motorcar needs.


car services

Motorcar Events

No events at the moment


A car leaves a showroom in its perfect form and with services from Six to Twelve Motorsports, we keep extending that experience of perfection for your automobile.

With highly trained techs, innovative services and special attention to detail, all of your vehicle needs will be coordinated and expedited with our care to your  satisfaction. 



 Phone (212) 874-9400

     Text (212) 874-9400

Six To Twelve Motorsports

185 East 85th Street

New York, New York  10028

United States








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